Human race is diverse for a lot of reasons. Biologically, because of different geographical features, humans have adapted and evolved to the immediate environment of their lands. Evolution is a slow and deliberate process intended for the survival of certain species. Humans are no exception. Over the course of time, our early human ancestors have travelled through different continents when the Earth was relatively young and all landmasses were still attached to each other. Earth itself was also undergoing changes and the single great continent our ancestors lived on began to spilt and drift away from each other until the landmasses settled into our current continents and islands.

The process of continental drifting was a gradual and violent process. Early humans had to endure numerous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as their communities slowly drifted farther from each other, divided by the ocean. Thus, our ancient ancestors had no choice but to adapt to the lands and environments they have found themselves in and gradually evolve in order to survive.

Such is the depth of the story of racial diversity. Our different races were not created instantaneously, but instead underwent a painstaking and nature-guided process which was necessary for our survival. The colors of our skin, our statures and different physical features are the result of our evolution and adaptation to our native land and surroundings. As a species, humans are the most extensive and globally dispersed organisms on Earth. Our complex minds and physical attributes have allowed us to venture to different lands and accordingly adjust to new surroundings and situations.

In a way, having different races, cultures and ethnicities can be considered part of God’s plans. He has tasked humans to become stewards of the Earth. Thus, an ingenious way to simultaneously watch over the whole earth is for humankind to spread across all directions and stay on different points of the Earth and take care of their chosen lands. God wants all of us to take good care and develop the part of Earth we belong to. He has equipped us with the necessary skills and attributes to survive and effectively do our tasks as stewards of our own land collectively, as stewards of the Earth. Each of us is an important individual the fulfillment of this task. Thus, it is imperative that we consider every human individual around us, regardless of race, ethnicity and physical attributes, as co-equals. We are all called by God to take care of His creations and the Earth we live in. In essence we are all humans, and of the same species. Thus, we are all biological and spiritual brothers and sisters created by God.

If we learn to understand that no specific race was created as superior to another, but rather every race is equally important for the survival and establishment of mankind into our world, then we could all live peacefully and harmoniously with each other. There would be no more wars and no need for competition for resources. Our world could be a virtual eutopia or a paradise if only we could see each other with understanding and equality. Our course of evolution is still long. I have faith that somewhere along the way, in God’s perfect time, He would let us all join hands as brothers and sisters, living in lasting peace and harmony.

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