Bullying because of racism among teenagers is a serious problem today. It often leads to low self-confidence, depression or worse – suicide. Why is it happening? Why is it so prevalent even up to this day? Is it because of the belief that one’s own race is superior? We often hear in the news of teenagers being bullied in school because of their color, religion, cultural background, etc. Racism, defined as discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their ethnicity or race, has virtually existed throughout history. To date, it is still happening in schools, workplace or in the community in general although various groups have come forward to address these issues through information campaigns, lectures, workshops, counseling and other helpful strategies to combat racism. Let us take a look at one of the worrying effects of racism which is suicide.
Suicide is a problem that society has faced for quite a long time. It is usually committed for personal reasons by individuals of different ages – the elderly, teenagers and even children. Others turn to suicide because of hopeless illness, of being unloved, of depression and other reasons.
With changes and development, society has become complicated, with new pressures and demands affecting weak and prone individuals who may find difficulty in coping, and thus consider suicide.
Teenagers of today, especially those from the third world countries or the less affluent nations, are not spared of emerging pressures besides those of the past. Bullying is one problem that has evolved into an unpleasant issue that parents and families must contend with, and which also beset various institutions (the academe, government and the like). We have heard and read of young people, teenagers in early college, being bullied in school and outside and eventually committing suicide to escape from “it all”. Of course, other problems may have compounded it resulting in such an unfortunate end. In places where racism is still evident, bullying of inferior individuals may be more prevalent. Its continued practice and the prejudice of its perpetrators which may have rooted deeply may lead to a horrible step, suicide, for the weak teenager who can no longer cope with the disparity and pain day to day in his young life.
The question now is how are we going to deal with racism and bullying especially among teenagers. With all the differences that we have, it may be difficult to totally eradicate it but there are things that we could actually do to minimize such incidents. School, civic and religious organizations could actually help in terms of educational campaigns and values formation to mold young minds, making them responsible and better individuals. The media could also play a crucial part as well. However, it is still the family and friends who can do a lot in preventing any eventuality as they are directly involve with those who may have suicidal tendencies. It is therefore important that these institutions and individuals work hand in hand in order to address suicide the best way possible especially among teenagers. The effects of bullying are of immediate concern in today’s society, and it has to stop now so that our future generations won’t suffer what we are currently seeing.

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